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When it comes to ensuring that your family has everything they need to thrive, you have to be prepared for all eventualities. If there is anything that recent times have taught us, it's that the unexpected can happen at any moment, and that the most powerful community is one that is prepared to face whatever life throws its way, together.
In times of need or scarcity, having a reliable food source is essential. Planning daily meals can be a full-time job in ordinary circumstances - one that becomes even more challenging when you face a significant change.
With the spirit of community at our core, Stack Packs aims to empower families and individuals with a range of ready to store, shelf-stable grocery kits that are designed to make food preparedness effortless. With our subscription-based delivery model, you can choose the pack that best suits your family's needs and have it delivered to your door, on your schedule.

Our goal is to make it easier for households to stock up on food staples, so that in the event of an emergency or lifestyle change, you can rest assured knowing that your family has a contingency plan in place. This way, we can begin to build more resilient, supportive communities that are better equipped to weather any storm. Simply order online, stack your packs away, and relax knowing that you're one step ahead with nutritious, long-lasting food options on hand.

Stack Packs was founded on the simple idea that by coming together, we can make a real difference in our communities, supporting families and individuals to take charge of their lives without living in fear of the challenges that come with change.

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    Find your favourite pack (or packs!) from our range and order online

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    Stack those packs!

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    Relax! Knowing that you are one step ahead with nutritious, long-lasting food options on hand

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