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Faux-cooked Beef Ragù

Faux-cooked Beef Ragù

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Our first stand alone meal-kit starring our crowd favourite, Faux-cooked Beef Ragu. This hearty meal-kit is a Stack Packs twist on a classic slow-cooked beef ragù, and makes 4 hearty servings. 

You can store this kit in your pantry for a rainy day, or jump straight in and give it a go! 

This kit includes:

Whole tomatoes (canned)
Corned beef
Tomato paste
Beef stock
Carrots (canned)
Peas (canned)


From your pantry:

  • Sugar (brown sugar preferred)
  • Pepper
  • Garlic/garlic powder
  • Onions/ onion powder
  • Red wine (optional)

Why can't I choose my own items?

Our packs are designed with adaptability and simplicity in mind. The generalised nature of the packs allows us to be responsive to market changes without impacting the quality of the end product our customers receive.

What about dietary requirements?

Our standard packs provide a range of items which can be adapted to most dietary restrictions. We will be releasing a dietary friendly product line in the future.


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